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Marlana Semenza with Your Iconic Image interviews Frederick Dudek about his book Creating Business Superfans.
Check out the latest episode below. Mr.Biz Radio provides business owners with the knowledge and insights needed to drive their companies forward.
16 views Jun 14, 2022 Business $uperfans – The Winners; Playbook Create your own team of enthusiastic business superfans who attract rocking referrals and sales success. Business Superfans contains new and forgotten sales and marketing strategies for solopreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses. Follow the step-by-step plays inside to cultivate meaningful relationships and convert your...
Creating a fan base can be challenging for businesses. Frederick Dudek walks us through the steps he takes his executive clients through to align the key components to create Business Superfans! In this episode we talk about: The 3 components that drive business  Client retention methodology  Being creative when reaching out to prospects and customers/clients...

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