Join our private thriving community of business owners.

Inside our growing Business Superfans Accelerator Community (BSAC), solopreneurs and small to mid-sized business owners like you, come together to meet and support one another, get coaching with Frederick, learn from experts, participate in progress challenges, and more.

It Takes A Village

Not having a peer group to brainstorm ideas with or compare results while implementing the plays outlined in the Business $uperfans book, introduces doubt, uncertainty, and frustration. Along with confusion about which tools to use, not having access to subject specialists can be challenging.

Solopreneuers, small to mid-sized business owners experiences these struggles daily. Which leads to reactionary action, poor decisions wasted resources and feeling overwhelmed.

But, the probability of successfully building your team of enthusiastic business superfans – can be dramatically boosted by joining forces with other like-minded owners who share the same objective.

Business Superfans Accelerator Community (BSAC)

This worldwide online private community was created to guide and keep solepreneurs, small to mid-sized business owners accountable for implementing the various plays outlined throughout the book. 

Business Superfans Accelerator Community

Inside BSAC

A dynamic and thriving community dynamic and thriving community of solopreneurs, small to mid-sized business owners, cheering one another on. BSAC is the ideal place for growth-minded business owners that are motivated by purpose, committed to learning, prepared to do the work, and eager to create their team of business superfans.

Being a member of BSAC you can benefit from things like:

BSAC is an engaging environment to accelerate your development of your own team of Business $uperfans. Giving you an advantage by having the ability to brainstorm, learn, and network with like-minded business owners can lead to prosperous partnerships and lasting friendships.

Accelerate Your Business Superfans' Development

Weekly Ask Me Anything - Chat Access with Frederick

Weekly scheduled Ask Me Anything Q&A via the private groups feed. Frederick will be online for 60 minutes and answer your questions, offer suggestions, insight, etc.

Bi-Weekly Business Superfans Scorecard Accountability

Bi-weekly scheduled Business Superfans Scorecard Accountability. This event is held via live video streaming for a period of 60 minutes. The focus is to help you improve your score so you can become a Superfans Superstar!

Monthy Business Superfans Mastermind

Month scheduled mastermind, where we discuss and tackle challenges, coach one-an-other, set goals and track progress. This is a structured live video streaming event that runs for 90 minutes and is limited to 12 participants per group.

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