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Business Superfans - The Winners' Playbook - Frederick Dudek
Steven Teitelbaum
Great Lakes Pot Pies
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I liked how you explained how to implement your recommendations step-by-step with detailed examples. Some books I've read propose interesting ideas, but they can be challenging to actually put into practice. Your book gave very straightforward yet effective solutions that can be quickly utilized. In fact, we're now planning to launch both a loyalty program and referral program at our store soon as a result of me bringing up some of your ideas in a recent meeting. I think a lot of people can really benefit by reading it since the things you discuss apply to everyone.

12 Chapters

182 Pages

Paperback or Ebook

Imagine the Business Superfans possibilities


Your clients/customers, employees, and business alliance partners are all performing as your sales team. (Business Superfans Team)

  • Think of the possibilities this would create.
  • Picture the transformation of your business.
  • Envision the positive impact on your bottom line.

The Winners' Playbook

Guides you with proven, time-tested, step-by-step methods and approaches (Plays) to create your own team of energized, and devoted, Business Superfans.

  • Cultivate Clients/Customers to become passionate promoters.
  • Empower employees into being your champions.
  • Nurture your business alliance partners to evolve into boosters.

Superfans Scorecard™

What’s your overall Business Superfans Score? 

Each chapter ends with a question to rate yourself.

Using the Superfans Scorecard Wheel. A self-evaluating tool that helps you see where your strengths and weaknesses are based upon your answers to each chapter.

Want help to improve your score? Join the Business Superfans Accelerator Community (BSAC) and connect up with other like-minded business owners, and get access to ask-me-anything, group coaching, and a mastermind group.

Lisa Boinais
Live Your Outrageous Life Now
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Business Superfans is easy to read and very easy to follow. It’s laid out very logically. I will use it as a reference guide as to what steps to take to implement the action items put forth in the book. I am already envisioning implementing several tools and techniques in my business starting today.
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