Hi, I’m Frederick Dudek - Author of the Business Superfans - The Winner's Playbook.

In addition to writing Business Superfans, I created this community, which I like to call the Business Superfans Accelerator Community (BSAC).

BSAC is a resource to help you, the solopreneur, small and mid-sized business owners get plenty of insightful knowledge on ways to accelerate the elevation of your clients, customers, employees, and business alliance partnerships into raving superfans.

The Podcast / Blog is continually refreshed and we also have a private members-only community which is where I coach, daily.

A bit more about me

As an engineer, I was fascinated by the engineering and manufacturing world, my passion was to strive to be one of the best. From a successful engineering designer who gave life to the spot-weld guns for the body panels of the 1982 Ford Escort car to becoming an Applications Engineer for a technology company installing Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software in 1980, I trained engineers at companies like Eaton Corp, Westinghouse, General Motors, and Ball Corp to name a few, to convert from drafting boards to using CAD for their designs. My know-how and perseverance won me numerous awards and industry recognition. 

As a creative problem-solver with a love for details, I quickly became the perfect candidate to sell products I understood better than anyone else. Those natural sales skills were further polished by the numerous sales courses I took through Wilson Learning, Holden Corporation, and other organizations. In my first year in sales, I won the company’s sales contest (largest sale). I further honed my talents in various sales and marketing positions, which contributed to becoming a top-performing sales and marketing executive. My superior people skills and my deep understanding of effective relationship building empowered me to achieve breakthrough sales performance results not only in North America but also in thirty other countries worldwide.

I took an unknown manufacturing software product from $0 to $3+ million in sales globally within a 3-year period, while setting up a worldwide reseller channel. I then performed the largest SaaS sale for an industry I had little knowledge of (construction management) in addition to managing that company. I’m also the recipient of sales awards from several SaaS companies. 

As a Sales/Marketing Consultant for a home remodeling company, I sold their largest remodeling project without any in-depth knowledge of remodeling sales.

I’m a graduate of the Dale Carnegie course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations, and Leadership Training for Managers, which took me onto numerous stages where my public speaking enthused others, bringing them motivation and guidance.

Admired for my resourceful leadership, nurturing, mentorship, and as a multi-million dollar sales and marketing executive, my business acumen, vast experience, and constant aspiration to influence others led me to create BUSINESS SUPERFANS. The book is also the result of a forced life change, initiated by the need to have bypass surgery that almost took my life. Being fortunate in successfully getting stents gave me a new chance at life and a renewed thirst to give back all that I had learned during my successful career.

Business Superfans is an insightful, easy-to-use playbook that blends new and forgotten sales and marketing strategies for solopreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses. Readers follow the step-by-step plays to cultivate meaningful relationships and convert clients, customers, employees, and business partnerships into an enthusiastic team of superfans. The Winner’s Playbook guides you to attract new clients/customers, empower employees, raise retention, get rocking referrals, through superfans that boost your sales success.

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