8: The Influencer’s Edge | The Secret To Creating Business Superfans with, Frederick Dudek


In the latest episode of “The Influencer’s Edge,” listeners are introduced to the impressive world of subconscious persuasion to amplify sales, as the podcast is brought to you by the invisible influence series. The challenge to text “compel” to a designated number offers a route to exclusive content on persuasion strategies that promise to revolutionize traditional sales approaches.

Our guest, Frederick, an author and soon-to-be podcaster, engages in an insightful conversation about his upcoming project focused on creating business superfans. Frederick brings his extensive experience leading corporate sales and marketing efforts to the table. He shares his journey from engineering to crafting superfans, not just among customers but within corporate teams.

The discussion also delves into Frederick’s book on creating business superfans. He offers practical advice on using social media to build a fan base and dives into his ‘superfan scorecard wheel,’ a tool designed for self-evaluation and community-driven accountability and coaching. He emphasizes an environment of appreciation, personal acknowledgment, and the unexpected extras to secure customer loyalty and foster exponential business growth via referrals and emphasizes gratitude as the root of attraction.



Frederick Dudek, author of the renowned book “Creating Business Superfans,” is an accomplished sales and marketing executive with over 30 years of experience in achieving remarkable sales performance results in global business markets. With a successful track record in the SaaS industry and now in the interpretation and translation industry, Frederick brings expertise and insight to help businesses thrive. As the host of the up-and-coming Business Superfans Podcast and a sought-after speaker, he shares invaluable knowledge and strategies to propel organizations toward success.


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Episode Transcript

8: The Influencer’s Edge | The Secret To Creating Business Superfans with, Frederick Dudek

Paul Ross: The influencer’s edge is brought to you by the invisible influence series. If you’re ready to massively increase your sales by leveraging the power of subconscious persuasion, then make sure you text the word compel to 411321. That’s compel to 411321. And if you’re outside of the United States, then use WhatsApp and text the word compel to 1909-741-1321 make sure you put in your best email address because that’s how we’ll deliver the goodies. Welcome to the Influencers edge.

Paul Ross: This is the place where you come.

Paul Ross: To get the latest breakthroughs, cutty edge insights, tools and techniques to leapfrog over the path in sales, persuasion and influence. Be sure you visit our website@www.theinfluencersedge.com, and while you’re there, subscribe to us via your favorite network. Now sit back, tune in, and enjoy today’s episode.

Paul Ross: All right, welcome back to the shit. Sorry, Tracy, we have to restart.

Paul Ross: I’m really tired.

Paul Ross: 10 seconds, Tracy.

Paul Ross: All right.

Paul Ross: Welcome back to the influencer’s Edge, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for being so very patient. I have technical issues. So this is what my office really looks like. There’s Tom Cruise, who played me in a movie. We’ll talk about that another time. Let’s make it about our guest today, Frederick. Did I say that?

Freddy D: Well, yes, that is exactly.

Paul Ross: All right.

Paul Ross: So he’s got an interesting thing that he does. We’re going to talk about. Frederick is an author, soon to be podcaster. When can we expect your podcast to be live and what’s it going to be about?

Freddy D: It’s going to be about how to create business superfans. And it’ll be probably in the next couple of months. Right now, all the interviews that I’ve been doing in reference to the business superfans book, I’m putting those up and then I’m actually starting to record my own shows. And we’ll be posting those within the.

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