27: Like sports teams, creating a championship culture in business fosters superfans, with NFL Coach Chris Carlisle


In this episode of the Business Superfans Podcast Show, Freddy D welcomes Chris Carlisle, a former professional football strength coach turned coach and author. Chris shares his journey from childhood dreams of playing in the Super Bowl to realizing his talent for coaching and writing. He recounts his path from high school to the NFL, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and setting goals. Chris also discusses his book “Move or Die,” which encapsulates life lessons and challenges he faced, aiming to inspire others. The conversation touches on the significance of team culture in sports and business, the writing process, and the power of storytelling. Freddy D and Chris reflect on their experiences writing books without AI assistance, highlighting their unique approaches and the value of authentic expression.


Chris Carlisle is a Motivational Speaker – Best Selling Author – Football and Strength Coach for 35 years. BS in Secondary Education – Master’s Degree in History (UofArkansas). Chris is the only coach ever to have won championships at every level of competitive football: High School / Junior College / Major College (UofTenn / USC X 2) NFL (Seattle).

Chris works with Corporate Executives – Athletes – Teams – Small Businesses and highly motivated individuals helping them set a Championship Culture and a Move or Die Mindset.

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Bullet Points

  • Chris’s journey from childhood football fan to professional football strength coach.
  • The process of writing Chris’s book, “Move or Die,” and the challenges and experiences that inspired it.
  • The importance of a team’s culture in winning the Super Bowl and its parallels in business.
  • Chris’s insights on leadership, team dynamics, and the significance of having a clear vision and mission statement in a business.
  • The value of storytelling and different approaches to conveying messages to resonate with diverse team members.
  • Chris’s personal anecdotes of overcoming challenges, including being born with handicapped feet, developing a speech impediment, and battling cancer.
  • The significance of recognizing strengths and weaknesses, effective communication, and humility in leadership.


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Episode Transcript

‘Chris Carlisle’, 00:01:47, “I remember telling Nate, ‘One day I’m going to win the Super Bowl,’ and that was when I was ten years old.”

‘Chris Carlisle’, 00:02:05, “When you write, it goes through your mind; you’ve got to write each letter of each word, and if you have that BS indicator in your head, you know when you’re telling yourself the truth or not.”

‘Chris Carlisle’, 00:08:20, “Every Monday after a win, we would gather up the whole team, and they would put the team’s name that we just beat and then the team that we were playing the next week on the ladder, focusing on one rung at a time.”

‘Chris Carlisle’, 00:15:00, “You need to know so they know, because if you have problems with them, it may not be them; it’s you. You’re not the one who’s setting the tone, you’re not setting the message, giving the foundation.”

‘Chris Carlisle’, 00:17:58, “If the leader of the company uses the ‘Karate Kid’ with Mr. Miyagi and the ‘wax on, wax off,’ the whole point of that is you’ve got to do the little things right, the big things will all come about.”

‘Chris Carlisle’, 00:27:24, “We’ll see about that, because I looked at Ted Williams with the Boston Red Sox at .406—that’s hitting the ball 40% of the time—and he’s known as the greatest hitter in baseball, right? .406, and I had a 40% chance. In baseball, hitting the ball 40% of the time, I had a great chance.”

‘Chris Carlisle’, 00:30:05, “If I’m going to die, I’m going to die coaching my butt off, because that’s where my passion was.”

‘Chris Carlisle’, 00:28:57, “We all have choices, okay or not, and that’s one of the stories from the book where I talked about perseverance and resilience.”

‘Chris Carlisle’, ’00:44:36′, “I’m a fixer; I can see something wrong and fix it. I found my niche in that.”

‘Chris Carlisle’, ’00:49:20′, “Every one of those coaches that I brought in went on to win championships with their teams also because of the work we all did.”

27: Like sports teams, creating a championship culture in business fosters superfans, with NFL Coach Chris Carlisle

Freddy D (00:00:00) – Hello, Chris, welcome to the Business Super Fan podcast show.

Chris Carlisle (00:00:03) – Thank you Freddie, thank you for having me. And I look forward to have an opportunity to talk with your group and and learn a lot from you. I always every time we talk, I learn a lot. And so this is exciting.

Freddy D (00:00:15) – Yeah. Excited to have you on the show. So tell us, how did you get started that led you to get into professional football?

Chris Carlisle (00:00:22) – I was, always involved with football. When I was a kid. It was watching football. It was collecting football card. It was playing football through sports. And I remember a time when I was ten years old and I was playing football with a buddy, Nate Lau, and we’re in his backyard playing, and it was like a Tuesday because Monday Night Football at that time, Howard Cosell would go over the halftime and he’d go over each of the game because we only got three channels at that time.

Freddy D (00:00:48) – Yeah, I remember those.

Chris Carlisle (00:00:49) – Days, NBC and then PBS, of course, but you only were able to watch a couple games and then the Monday night game and then halftime on Monday night.

Chris Carlisle (00:00:57) – Howard Cosell would go through all the highlights of all the games that went on. So me and they allow it go in his backyard and play slow motion football, where we would go ahead and reenact those plays. And I remember telling Nate, about ten years old was about fifth grade. And I said, Nate, one day I’m going to win the Super Bowl. And that was when I was ten years old. And so I started this climb, this desire to go ahead and move through it. And I thought at that time I might play in the Super Bowl. All right. And then after high school and college came realistic to me that I wasn’t able to play at that level. So I got into coaching. And coaching always been something I’d love to do. I was actually coaching baseball teams when I was in my teens, a little league baseball. So coaching has always been part of my life. And so I lived in this idea of coaching, and I went through high school and then junior college and then in the NFL.
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