25: Understanding How Personality Types Can Improve Sales, Team Dynamics, and Customer Relationships with Kelly Leightner


In this episode of the Business Superfan podcast, Kelly Leightner shares insights from her career in sales and coaching, focusing on the impact of personality testing. She introduces the B.A.N.K. methodology, which categorizes personalities into Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge types, and discusses its benefits in enhancing sales, team dynamics, and customer engagement. Kelly highlights the practical applications of this system in hiring and communication strategies, suggesting that a deeper understanding of personality types can foster better relationships and even contribute to world peace. The episode also explores adapting communication styles to match different personalities, which can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts in professional settings.


Kelly Leightner is all about decoding, the secrets of effective communication and making your relationships both in business and life thrive. Her journey has been a wild ride from playing the roles of daughter, sister, wife, and mom, to diving into careers like nursing travel agency and becoming an NLP practitioner and coach. She is super passionate about helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales folks mastered the art of personality intelligence.

That’s right. She’s talking about understanding those different communication styles we all have. Her mission is to equip you with the tools to rock your business, bridge those communication gaps and connect on a deeper level. She’s seen firsthand how personality methodology and the B.A.N.K. System can work wonders in transforming businesses. Her goal is simple to empower you with the knowledge of the 12 core values of each business personality type, and the skills to connect with others on their terms. She brings a mix of compassionate than expertise to her coaching and training. She gets that effective communication isn’t just a skill. It’s the key to personal and professional growth. Her mission is to make navigating the world of him. Of human connection, easy and exciting.

So whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur on the rise or just, someone who wants to up their people skills. She’s here to guide you.

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Bullet Points

  • Kelly Lightner discusses her experience with personality testing and its impact on sales and coaching.
  • Explains the B.A.N.K. methodology: Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge.
  • Understanding different personality types to improve sales, team dynamics, and customer relationships.
  • Application of personality testing in hiring new team members and communicating with customers.
  • Application of B.A.N.K. methodology in various communication channels.
  • Discussion on personal experiences and real-life examples of applying personality testing in sales and business environments.
  • Importance of understanding and adapting to different personality types in the workplace.
  • Examples of how personality testing can improve relationships, parenting, and overall communication.
  • The impact of personality testing on sales and business success.
  • The potential for creating more peace and understanding by teaching personality testing to the world.


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Best Quotes

Kelly Leightner, 00:01:15, “When I learned this, I went through, ‘This is why I suck at what I’m doing, and why nobody wants to join me.'”

Kelly Leightner, 00:16:12, “Depending on that personality type, those may be the same points, but I need to approach them differently.”

Kelly Leightner’, ’00:19:58′, “Sometimes the way I say things may just start off, and I’m not thinking anything of it, and there’s no emotion behind it for me, but it hits him wrong, it hurts his feelings, he’s wounded, and now he’s mad at me, and I’m like, ‘Oh, what just happened?'”

Kelly Leightner’, ’00:19:46′, “He definitely gets the ugly from me on a pretty regular basis, and one of the things I am working on is to make sure I’m not doing that. I try very hard to bring that nurturing to the forefront when we’re together because I know for him, that’s important.”

Kelly Leightner’, ’00:22:49′, “They can keep their employees longer because they keep them happier because they can understand each other in a different way than they ever did before.”

Episode Transcript

25: Understanding How Personality Types Can Improve Sales, Team Dynamics, and Customer Relationships with Kelly Leightner

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Freddy D (00:00:00) – Hello, Kelly Lightner, welcome to the Business Superfan podcast. How are you this morning?

Kelly Leightner (00:00:04) – I am fabulous, how about yourself?

Freddy D (00:00:07) – I am having a great day. Start out at 430 this morning and still going. So my batteries are going to probably run out a little bit later today.

Kelly Leightner (00:00:14) – But yeah, I’m about the same. I also usually am a 430. This morning I slept in because I had an event error that was up later than usual. But like you, yeah, by 2:00 I’m kinda done.

Freddy D (00:00:25) – Yeah, I usually get up at five, but I had a meeting earlier this morning and so I had to get ready for it and all that stuff. So let’s talk a little bit about. What you do and how you get started in doing what you do.

Kelly Leightner (00:00:37) – So I’ll start with how I got into it, because that’ll kind of lead into what it is. So I joined multiple different drug sales companies and couldn’t understand why nobody wanted my products, nobody wanted to join my team. And the most recent company that I was, well, I’m actually still with, but I just don’t talk about it as often, really spoke to me because they had research, they had quality testing, all things that made sense to me as a nurse and having worked at poison Control and understanding the types of tests that are out there, and we had our annual conference and there was a training about this personality to help me with your sales.

Kelly Leightner (00:01:15) – When I learned this, I went through this is why I suck at what I’m doing and why nobody wants to join me.

Freddy D (00:01:20) – Yeah, you had an AHA moment.

Kelly Leightner (00:01:22) – What was that.

Freddy D (00:01:23) – An AHA moment.

Kelly Leightner (00:01:25) – I had a big moment. Absolutely. I quickly realized why people weren’t understanding what I was talking about, because it wasn’t of their values set. So, you know, it just completely went over their head and I don’t care about that. And off they went. Now that I understood that and started implementing the different personality types, I started making better connections and people started being more interested in what I was doing. I was able to bring on a new team member. My goal had been to then also help keep the team I was part of, trained up in it because most of them had also learned this at the com, and just trying to keep everybody moving. Well, I fell though in love with it that I decided I wanted to coach with it, and I’ve kind of just stayed over here with this personality testing versus the biggest.
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