24: Unleashing the Power of People Management: Transforming Compliance into Superfans with Silvia Hernandes


In this Business Superfans Podcast episode, Freddy D hosts Silvia Hernandez from Lean HR Partners on the Business Superfan Show. They delve into the crucial role of HR in small businesses, with a focus on compliance, employee retention, and the financial and cultural impacts of turnover. Silvia underscores the importance of understanding individual motivations to tailor effective employee incentives, while Freddy D points out the significance of personalized recognition. They champion HR strategies that address the varied needs of employees, nurturing a supportive culture that cultivates “superfans” within the company. The conversation also covers the necessity of aligning personalities with job roles and includes an offer for a complimentary behavioral assessment, paving the way for subsequent episodes on the influence of personality in the workplace.


A C-suite Human Resources Executive with 20+ years of experience working for Fortune 500 organizations with a deep focus on talent acquisition, retention, and effectiveness. Founder of Lean HR Partners, a boutique firm located in Scottsdale, AZ serving small businesses with recruiting strategies.

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Bullet Points

  • Importance of HR in small businesses and the impact of employee retention on the bottom line.Costs associated with employee turnover and its financial implications.
  • Tailoring incentives and recognition to individual employee motivations.
  • Accommodating diverse employee needs and the positive impact on satisfaction.
  • Influence of HR leaders in prioritizing employee retention and satisfaction.
  • Balancing compliance with people management in the workplace.
  • Challenges of promoting the wrong person and the negative impact of unprepared supervisors on employee turnover.
  • Understanding individual personalities and behavior in relation to job roles.
  • The significance of effective people management in driving business success.


Cultivating Your Superfans, Accelerating Your Brand, Attaining Your Sustained Success

Best Quotes

“Silvia Hernandez”, 00:02:18, “It is really the passion for HR specifically and helping these small ones to grow and hit the strategy and then be successful that’s how it was born.”

“Silvia Hernandez”, 00:08:44, “I think one of the biggest discoveries in my entire career in HR has to do with one word, and this word is motivation.”

“Silvia Hernandez”, 00:14:28, “I need to leave every Wednesday at 2:00 because my kid is in a competition of the baseball game, and I need to be there. That accommodation is absolutely key.”

‘”Silvia Hernandez”, ’00:20:31’, “But it’s still, if you can keep somebody for a number of years that’s important for the organization, for you to deliver results not only for the organization but for the individual as well. And growing my career, I’m learning something, I’m contributing to things, it is already a win situation.”

‘”Silvia Hernandez”‘, ’00:22:56’, “Promoting the wrong person or the unprepared person is the worst that can happen to turnover. Why? Because we know that more than 80% of turnover happens because of people, because of behavior, and not because of performance.”

Episode Transcript

24: Unleashing the Power of People Management: Transforming Compliance into Superfans with Silvia Hernandes

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Freddy D (00:00:00) – Hello Sylvia Hernandez with Lean Air Partners. Welcome to the Business Superfan show.

Silvia Hernandes (00:00:06) – Thank you. Thank. It’s a pleasure to be here, Freddy.

Freddy D (00:00:09) – I’m excited to have you as a guest. So tell us a little bit about your story and how you got to starting Lean Air Partners that you’re really doing. So let’s go into that whole story.

Silvia Hernandes (00:00:22) – Okay, so a brief a little bit about me. So I’m a human resources professional 25 plus years in there not to tell my age, but 25 something years. I’m originally from Brazil, so my first degree is in psychology. So I had an opportunity to get acquainted with industrial relations, as we call it at that time, not only human resources, but and then I got a passion for that. So I knew in graduation that I didn’t want to do clinic or hospital or anything like that. So the passion for air came right there. So I did my residency, as I say, in nature, and then everything started from there. So after graduating, I had to I had a passion also for the English language.

Silvia Hernandes (00:01:08) – As you can see, I have an accent here, so I wanted to learn English properly. So I moved to England and I spent two years there trying to get the language under the belt, came back to Brazil and and really he started career there in HR. So since then it’s always fortune 500 organizations. I worked for two chemicals food companies, government automotives and also aerospace to aerospace companies, so moved to the US two years ago. Continue my career here and then. Lucky me, I reached the top. I mean, the goal was to be the chief human resources officer for the organization. I had the title twice in my career, but then got to a point. Then I said, you know what? I’m going to be on my own. I know enough now that I can advise others and make an impact to small organizations. So I came from big organizations where it’s a little bit more challenging to make an impact, because there’s so many people, so much money involved that the creativity gets a little not existing sometimes.
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