23: How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media for Brand Awareness and Growth with Kelly Bigelow


In this podcast episode of the Business Superfan Podcast, Kelly from Diamond Arrow Media shares her digital marketing expertise, focusing on strategies for small to medium-sized businesses. She recounts her transition from the fitness industry to digital marketing, her experiences at GoDaddy and Yelp, and the evolution of her own company. Kelly highlights the importance of being listed on Google Maps and Yelp for local businesses and suggests starting with Facebook and Instagram for social media presence. She advises on content creation, starting with simple posts and building up to live videos, and the importance of authenticity in connecting with customers. Kelly also discusses leveraging personal networks to grow a new business page and the power of video testimonials in gaining consumer trust. She concludes with an offer of a free video audit for listeners, emphasizing the creation of superfans through effective marketing.


Kelly Bigelow, the force behind Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing in Gilbert, Arizona, is your go-to for mastering digital branding.

Kelly’s journey began outside the digital realm, in the fitness industry, where she was dedicated to enhancing lives. It was more than a job; it was her calling. As a Department Head in a top fitness organization, Kelly saw the power of effecting change on a grand scale. Her aspirations grew, leading her to web design and digital marketing.

Under Kelly’s leadership, Diamond Arrow doesn’t just advise businesses; it launches them to new heights. The agency is known for its assertive, confident approach and personalized service, garnering high praise from clients. Today, Kelly is more than a digital strategy leader; she’s a dedicated partner to her clients and an emblem of transformative success. Join us as we dive into Kelly’s journey and the strategies that mark her as a leader in digital marketing.

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Bullet Points

  • Importance of authentic and consistent content creation
  • Social media strategies for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Leveraging Google Maps and Yelp for local business marketing
  • Building a following on social media platforms
  • Integrating Facebook and Instagram for wider audience reach
  • Impact of reviews and video testimonials on consumer decision-making
  • Practical tips for small business social media presence
  • Selecting a digital marketing agency


Cultivating Your Superfans, Accelerating Your Brand, Attaining Your Sustained Success

Best Quotes

‘Kelly Bigelow’, 00:01:05, “I loved really being able to help people change their lives through fitness.”

‘Kelly Bigelow’, 00:13:07, “Sometimes the most random videos are the ones that get the most amount of hits, the ones that aren’t edited, the ones that are raw, they’re real.”

‘Kelly Bigelow’, ’00:23:45′, “I’m just like you; I’m a human just like you. At the end of the day, I have a family that I go home to.”

Episode Transcript

23: How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media for Brand Awareness and Growth with Kelly Bigelow

Freddy D (00:00:00) – Hello Kelly from Diamond Aero Media. Welcome to the Business Super Fan podcast. How are you Kelly?

Kelly Bigelow (00:00:06) – I’m great. Thank you so much.

Freddy D (00:00:08) – So let’s talk about how you got started in digital marketing. What’s your story? How did that all come about?

Kelly Bigelow (00:00:16) – Yeah. Well first off, Freddy, thanks so much for having me on here. I know you’ve been definitely twisting my arm and twisting and twisting and trying to get me over here, but yeah, so I’m just super thankful to be here and being interviewed by you. I actually almost fell into digital marketing. I went to school originally for business management. I always knew I wanted to run a business, I wanted to manage a business. And through the years I actually took a passion for fitness. And I really got into the fitness industry. And I loved really being able to help people change their lives through fitness. Right. And excuse me, I don’t know. I did that for about 15 years. I went from managing the gym, so I was running the gyms, doing sales, front desk, keeping the gym running, and I decided, you know what? I want something different.

Kelly Bigelow (00:01:05) – So I decided to go take some classes, get certified, and then I started actually personal training. So I actually became a trainer. Help people even more accomplish those real time goals on a just a whole deeper level. I did that for probably ten, 15 years and just really got to this point where, I don’t know, I just wanted something different. I was always really drawn to marketing. I loved the marketing aspect of putting my name out there, doing the sales aspect of it too. So when I was running the gyms, that’s probably one of the things that I loved the most was the sales. And I think really just getting to be able to connect with people. So I think, you know, one of my clients that I would personally train, I would go to their home and train them in their home, and they were into web design and like app development. So they would build whole infrastructures for hospitals. And I think they were working on the University of Kansas Medical Center.
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