22: Leveraging LinkedIn for Prospecting, Relationship Building, and Business Growth with Adam Packard


In this episode of the Business Superfans Podcast Show, host Adam interviews a guest who specializes in leveraging LinkedIn for business growth. The guest discusses his journey from networking and sales to helping businesses generate leads, emphasizing the importance of prospecting, follow-up, and relationship building. He shares success stories of clients who have significantly increased their revenue through targeted LinkedIn campaigns. The guest also talks about the value of authenticity and consistency in posting content on social media platforms, and the power of creating superfans who refer others to your business.


Adam Packard, Founder of Ninja Prospecting, has 20+ years of sales and networking experience. Raised in Maine with an entrepreneurial background, he initially pursued a career in golf. However, his journey led to sales training under Tom Hopkins and various ventures.

Leveraging his networking, cold messaging, and copywriting skills, Adam founded Ninja Prospecting. His formula for LinkedIn success involves consistency, genuine engagement, and tailored approaches to build relationships and a pipeline of opportunities.

In his free time, he enjoys golf, and spending time with his wife Sara of 10 years and playing soccer with his 8 year old son, Hudson.

Guest Contact

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Guest Offer

Adam Packard offering listeners a chance to learn more about his services and receive a free consultation through his website, https://ninjaprospecting.com.

Bullet Points

  • Importance of prospecting in business
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for networking and sales
  • Strategies for building meaningful relationships in business
  • Success stories of leveraging LinkedIn for business growth
  • Making connections outside of LinkedIn for business
  • Posting frequency and content on social media platforms
  • Building superfans in business
  • Overdelivering and creating a referral-based business Intentional relationship-building in business

Best Quotes

“Adam Packard”, 00:00:51, “I had to find something else. I had a friend that came to me and said, ‘Hey, I know you’re good at networking and sales. Can you help me generate some leads for this new startup that we have?'”

“Adam Packard”, 00:04:01, “My only goal was to not have anybody slip through the cracks. If I had a conversation with someone, even if the timing wasn’t right, they would hear from me consistently until they either told me yes or told me to go pound sand and not reach out to them again.”

“Adam Packard”, 00:05:11, “You can control the first two parts; you can’t always control the timing. And so that’s where the follow-up is key.”

“Adam Packard’, ’00:20:16′, “We generated 17 leads for her on the very first day, which was just insane.”

‘Adam Packard’, ’00:21:12′, “She’s grown her coaching practice now to over $200,000 a month and is scaling to the moon.”


Cultivating Your Superfans, Accelerating Your Brand, Attaining Your Sustained Success

Episode Transcript

22: Leveraging LinkedIn for Prospecting, Relationship Building, and Business Growth with Adam Packard

Freddy D (00:00:00) – Good morning, Adam. Welcome to the Business Super fan podcast show. How are you this morning?

Adam Packard (00:00:04) – I’m doing great. Thanks for having me.

Freddy D (00:00:06) – It’s been a hot minute since you and I had talked. We go back. Geez, at least 15 years.

Adam Packard (00:00:12) – Yeah, I know, I’m glad we kept in touch and cool to see what you’re doing. So yeah, excited to be on and hopefully share some nuggets here.

Freddy D (00:00:20) – Yeah. So tell me a little bit about your background, how you got started and what led you to being delinquent in and being a master on leveraging it? Yeah, it’s an.

Adam Packard (00:00:30) – Interesting career path that obviously you and I have a background and kind of work together in the network marketing space. I’ve always been in networking and sales and got recruited to work on the corporate side of a network marketing company about seven years ago. So I did that and got laid off out of the blue. And yeah, I had to find something else. I had a friend that came to me and said, hey, I know you’re good at networking in sales.
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