15: Transforming Clients into Lifelong Partners in the Insurance Game with Butch Zemar


In this episode of the Business Superfan Podcast, insurance agent Butch Zimmer discusses his strategies for creating superfans through exceptional client relationships and service. He emphasizes the importance of going the extra mile, understanding clients’ needs, and communicating effectively. Butch shares his experiences in building loyalty, such as personalizing client interactions and writing a book to help them navigate insurance complexities. He also talks about the significance of appreciating frontline employees, collaborating with complementary businesses for referrals, and maintaining transparency in the insurance industry. Butch offers listeners access to free resources and an ebook, highlighting the value of second opinions in health insurance decisions.


Clients have described the leading employee benefits consultant as “strategic,” “innovative,” and “committed” when it comes to aiding businesses in strengthening their employee benefits offerings while decreasing health insurance costs. An accomplished writer and engaging speaker often called upon for his vast knowledge of the health insurance marketplace, Zemar recently launched his first podcast – The Zemar Podcast – which focuses on business-related topics for small to mid-size business owners as well as insurance options. The podcast is available on both Amazon and Apple.

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Bullet Points

  • Building long-lasting relationships with clients
  • Going above and beyond for clients
  • Importance of genuine relationships and understanding individual needs
  • Building customer loyalty and retention through personalized touches
  • Impact of team on the success of the business
  • Appreciating and recognizing frontline employees
  • Working with complementary businesses and turning them into referral sources
  • Importance of transparency in the insurance industry
  • Providing value to clients and creating superfans
  • Accessing free resources and offering a free ebook

Best Quotes

Butch Zemar, 00:03:49, “Perseverance probably, and meeting guys like you in coffee shops along the way because good people hang out in the right spots.”

Butch Zemar, 00:04:59, “And he’ll never go anywhere else, and I think he’s a superfan. I was just going to put that plug in there, right? Like, you create superfans along the way, and those are the ones that stick around forever.”

Butch Zemar, 00:06:29, “Providing solutions to save money talks, and in other situations, that creates loyalty and longevity.”

Butch Zemar’, ’00:19:39′, “I always joke that if you feel guilty, let’s go grab lunch. It’s not a big deal, and I think that builds credibility. As long as I always say, ‘Look, just don’t waste my time, and I’ll be there for you.’ If there’s genuine interest and you need to solve a problem for a client, I’ll make you look like a rock star, and that’s cool with me.”

Butch Zemar’, ’00:22:14′, “Just in the first year, we were with them, wow, and so fast forward two years now, there’s trust, there’s credibility because now we have a good relationship because I saved them money, employees were happy, right? And it wasn’t like it didn’t blow up in their face.”

Butch Zemar’, ’00:24:11′, “If you think about it, if your employee gets diagnosed with a condition or has a heart attack and needs to go to a heart clinic or a cancer clinic, but if you go to some of the higher-rated facilities in America, your cost is zero to go there. The employee pays nothing out of pocket, right? And so those are the things that we work on regularly to try to reverse that trend and create superfans.”


Cultivating Your Superfans, Accelerating Your Brand, Attaining Your Sustained Success

Episode Transcript

15: Transforming Clients into Lifelong Partners in the Insurance Game with Butch Zemar

Butch Zemar (00:00:00) – Other things, right? You do the little things, like you said, those extras, right? That helps. And then you and then I do certain things, like I got hockey pucks. I think I sent you one, sent out some hockey pucks or hand them out because how many other insurance agents are giving out hockey pucks. And I would say zero. And then how many insurance agents have podcasts? It’s very few and far between, but they are definitely out there and they’re leaders in the industry. So I encourage people to listen to them as well. And I think a lot of that helps come together and create superfans.

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Freddy D (00:00:52) – They offer high quality interpreting and translation services in over 400 languages, including American Sign Language, ASL, nationwide. With a strong commitment to quality, they have become a trusted provider in the industry. They provide a wide range of services, including on demand, 24/7 telephonic and video interpreting. Connect with the live interpreter in just about 60s pre-scheduled telephonic and video interpreting, onsite in-person interpreting document coursework, translation software and website translation, transcription, and voice overs. Their offerings cater to diverse language needs, ensuring efficient communication and accurate translations for your business. For all your language communication needs, trust a foreign language service to help you communicate effectively. Reach out to them today at (844) 813-4242 or visit their website at 400. That’s 400 languages. Com clients have described Butch Zimmer as the leading employee benefits consultant, strategic, innovative and committed when it comes to aiding businesses and strengthening their employee benefits offerings while decreasing health insurance costs. An accomplished writer and engaging speaker often called upon for his vast knowledge in a health insurance marketplace. Zamar recently launched his first podcast, the Zamar Podcast, which focuses on business related topics for small and mid-sized business owners as well as insurance options.

Freddy D (00:02:10) – The podcast is available on both Amazon and Apple. As an authority on health care reform, Zamar provides a stringent focus on determining the benefits insurance needs of employees, small and large employee benefits programs, and health care reform. A true resource and advisor to CFOs, controllers, and human resources, Zamar is also developed at Elite Benefits Formula, a process that all businesses should go through to get ahead of the health care curve. Welcome to the Business Superfan podcast. Our guest today is Butch Zimmer with Elite Benefits. Welcome, Butch.

Butch Zemar (00:02:43) – Hey thanks Freddy D.

Freddy D (00:02:45) – So how did you get the started into insurance?

Butch Zemar (00:02:49) – I always say it was always by accident. I was young in my early 20s, and I worked in a scuba industry full time and working for a small business owner, and it wasn’t getting anywhere. And so I was looking for an outside sales position and end up finding a place that was an outside sales for and they call captive. We can only sell one product line for health insurance for solopreneurs and small business owners.

Butch Zemar (00:03:12) – And I’m like, sure, they throw a big picture on the board saying how much money you can make. And of course, my first year out, I made a fraction of that. Like, not even close. And I probably should have quit in the first year. But I’m into my 19th year. I’ll be 20 years next year and I think we’re headed in the right path.

Freddy D (00:03:29) – Wow, almost 20 years doing this stuff. That’s amazing. What do you think that differentiates you and lasting 20 years? Because not a lot of insurance people last that long. So you’re doing something different than the other people. And what can you share that’s sustained you for all this time?

Butch Zemar (00:03:49) – Uh, perseverance probably. And meeting guys like you and coffee shops along the way because good people hang out in the right spots. But I would say it’s always the good guy. Never finishes early. It’s always last. And so I think there’s a lot of integrity that I bring to the game. Just a lot of my peers do too.

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