Convert your Customers, Employees, and Business Partners into Superfans
for Broader Brand Awareness, Bigger Sales, and Sustained Success.

Creating Business Superfans, Frederick Dudek

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Creating Business $uperfans

Imagine having a squad of superfans passionately promoting your business and generating tangible benefits in attracting solid referrals and positive reviews of your products/services…

Imagine having very passionate advocates who will collectively promote you to everyone they know, resulting in rock-star sales success… and they’ll all be happily doing it for FREE!

Of course, it’s never that easy… isn’t it?

Multi-million-dollar international sales and marketing executive Frederick Dudek knows this all too well. In his 30+ years in the business, he’s seen it all and done it all — leveraging lessons from his failures and riding the waves of his successes. Frederick’s time-tested playbook converts your customers, employees, and business partners into superfans for bigger sales, broader awareness, and long-term success.

So, if you’re a solopreneur or small to a mid-sized business owner who wants to make your business more successful and compete with bigger competitors even though you don’t have their budget, this book is for you!

Get Creating Business Superfans and the Superfans Scorecard™ today to achieve the business success you desire while working less and earning more!

Ray Smith
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I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to grow their business. Lots of very practical advice in this compact book that can be implemented quickly and have immediate results for your business.

Business Superfans Podcast

Insightful chats with business owners, industry experts, and unexpected extra…

Guest interviews include solopreneurs, small and mid-sized business owners, and industry experts, who all share their approaches, methods, failures and victories. 

Learn from software developers how their app can assist you in the engagement of prospects, customers, employees, and business alliance partners to elevate them into your team of Business Superfans!

Listen to the latest episode of the Business Superfans Podcast!

Business Superfans Accelerator Community (BSAC)

The quickest and best way to learn something is from others who have been through it. The Business Superfans Accelerator Community (BSAC) is the ideal place for you to connect with other solopreneurs, small and mid-sized business owners. The spot to brainstorm, learn, and support one another.

Join our interactive community and meet and connect with like-minded business owners.

Chat with Others

Chat, build relationships and brainstorm with fellow members for FREE.

Ask me Anything

Anytime, general group coaching, thread with Q&A support from Frederick in a private members-only area.

Vetted Members

We review every applicant to ensure that our community has solid business owners.

Group Coaching

Bi-weekly video group coaching, thread with Frederick in a private members-only area.

Live Events

We host live events in a private members-only area on a bi-weekly basis. These may feature, authors, industry experts, community members, and fun mingling.

Group Mastermind

Monthly video mastermind, thread with Frederick in a private members-only area.

Pre-Created Templates

Follow-up, Thank you, Appreciation, Recognition, and much more…

Why start with a blank document, email, or sheet of paper and stare at it, as you think about what you should or shouldn’t say?

Get pre-created professionally written templates with verbiage that you can tweak to make your own. 

Business Software and Apps

Tools that I personally use, and also the ones that either I or one of our BSAC members highly recommend.

To run and grow a successful business, you need a solid software platform, that’s easy to use, delivers the functionality you need and is cost-effective. Using the right gear is a game winning play.

Having been involved in software sales for several decades, I’ve used MANY software tools over the years to leverage my time, engage with my audience, and stay on top of the game. This ultimately contributed to propelling my sales success.

So, went it comes to software, I know a thing or two…

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