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Together, let’s create your team of enthusiastic business advocates $uperfans, 

that attract rocking referrals and sales success.

Business $uperfans

The Winners’ Playbook

Blends old school ways with new approaches into a sales and marketing guide for solopreneurs, and small to mid-sized businesses. Follow the step-by-step plays inside to cultivate meaningful relationships and elevate clients/customers, employees, and business alliance partnerships into an enthusiastic team! Build company spirit and give your staff an ownership mindset that keeps them converting new $uperfans for your business.

Frederick Dudek, multi-million dollar sales & marketing executive with over 30+ years of experience, shares his time-tested ways to achieve consistent, inexpensive, and repeatable results for your business. Learn how to sustain client/customer enthusiasm and keep your company team cheering towards sales success.

Get the Business $uperfans Playbook today to achieve the business success you desire while working less and earning more!

Business Superfans Book

Business $uperfans Accelerator Community

The quickest and best way to learn something is from others who have been through it. The Business $uperfans Accelerator Community (BSAC) is the ideal place for you to connect with other solopreneurs, small and mid-sized business owners. The spot to brainstorm, learn, and support one another.

Join our interactive community and meet and connect with like-minded business owners.

Chat with Others

Chat, build relationships and brainstorm with fellow members for FREE.

Ask me Anything

Anytime, general group coaching, thread with Q&A support from Frederick in a private members-only area.

Vetted Members

We review every applicant to ensure that our community has solid business owners.

Group Coaching

Bi-weekly video group coaching, thread with Frederick in a private members-only area.

Live Events

We host live events in a private members-only area on a bi-weekly basis. These may feature, authors, industry experts, community members, and fun mingling.

Group Mastermind

Monthly video mastermind, thread with Frederick in a private members-only area.

Business $uperfans Podcast

Insightful conversations with business owners, industry experts, and the unexpected extra…

Guest interviews include solopreneurs, small and mid-sized business owners, and industry experts who share what approaches have worked to create their own Business $uperfans. In addition, get actionable advice that you can apply straight away to raise retention, attract rocking referrals and grow your business.

Pre-Created Templates

Follow-up, Thank you, Appreciation, Recognition, and much more.

Guest interviews include solopreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses, or industry experts who share what approaches have working in their business. And actionable advice on how you can elevate your clients, customers, employees, and business alliance partners in order to 10X your sales success.

Recommended Software App Tools for Business Owners

Tools that I personally use, and also the ones I highly recommend.

To run and grow a successful business, you need a solid software platform, that’s easy to use, delivers the functionality you need and is cost-effective. Using the right tools is a game winning play.

Having been involved in software sales for several decades, I’ve used MANY software tools over the years to leverage my time, engage with my audience, and stay on top of the game. This ultimately contributed to propelling my sales success.

So, went it comes to software, I know a thing or two…